Our organization works on a single motive and that is to empower the Indian youth. Today,the Indian population has the highest number of youngsters thriving to be wonderful professionals. Our organization will simply help and support them for their future growth. Out of the several endless services that we provide, we are majored in couple of them. Training being one of the most important services that we provide.

We host coaching classes and training institutes to carry on courses in all subjects or branches of Mathematics, Science, English, Commerce, Art, Industrial, Commercial, Management and every other stream of education.

In order to undertake and build connections in India, one must be connected with events for different corporate companies and individuals that includes:

Organizing and managing of events - In order to earn recognition, events are necessary.

Road shows - Pormotional assistance can't get better without road shows.

Financial market - It is advisable to always keep oneself updated with the financial world.

Expositions - These are usually necessities.

Seminars -Better your ideas with our seminars and workshops.

Sports and Quiz competitions - Keep ahead of time, and be effectively competent.

Conferences - To know more about the conference offered by TNY, get to the services we offer.

Social events - Summer Camps, Game Shows, Fun Events & Theme Events.