Edu-forum is a program designed to cover the studies of every child in a 360 degree angle.The program not only takes care of day-to-day studies but also lays a strong foundation for the basic concepts of all major subjects through integrated Edu-Rewind.The program enables students to independently (without looking in any book) write their understanding about each topic done in school. Edu-forum ensures 100% coverage of lessons taught in school, homework completion by proper method, regular writing practice, error finding exercise, experiential learning through activities and preparation for tomorrow.This revolutionary program enables students to finish their studies in a span of less than 3 hours giving them ample time to enjoy their childhood.

Benefits of Edu-Forum

Gets 100% studies done from students

Clears basic concepts & lays a strong foundation

Personal attention through 10:1 student to teacher ratio

Increases speed with help of writing practice

Eliminates spelling & silly mistakes by error finding exercise

Inculcates proactive approach by preparing for tomorrow

Eventually increases academic performance

Uplifts self-confidence