The syllabus of Edu-Rewind has been designed to lay a strong foundation for the basic concepts in all the major subjects. The classroom training of 52 sessions being provided to the students builds a strong base in these subjects by supplementing and expanding upon the knowledge acquired in school. Conceptual clarity makes the child strong in the subject and generates interest and liking for the subject. Therefore, our students would have a dual advantage over other students in terms of their enhanced performance at the respective school exams as well as a better performance in various future competitive exams. In this process, this program also aims to enhance the IQ level of students.

Benefits of Edu-Rewind

Clears basic concepts & lays a strong foundation

Analytical reasoning power is enriched.

Improves accuracy & time management skills.

Eventually improves academic performance.

Exhilarates conceptual understanding.

Creates interest in self-study.

Makes equipped for all kinds of competitive exams.

Uplifts Self-confidence.


Facts & Features

52 effective and result oriented sessions.


Research work will be done by students before the topics are taught

Extra classes for students who could not attend the classes.


Special tricks to solve mathematics and reasoning questions easily.

Renowned and Experienced Teachers/ Faculties.


Doubt solving sessions to clear all doubts.


Dedicated Progress Mentor’s 2 weekly visits to home for checking students’ performances.

Regular test series to know the improvements of the students.