''Perhaps the greatest social service that can be rendered by anybody to the country and to mankind is to bring up a family'' - George Bernard Shaw

TNY foundation was founded by Anand Sonwane, Devdatta Sawant and Mrunmai Pol in the year 2013. In today’s world the major cause is unemployment. It is awful to see a talented young crowd facing rejections for nothing but the world’s deprived economy. Hence, the organization is founded on the basis of a cause such as unemployment and eradication of everything that led to it.

There are plenty of other causes and movements that our foundation takes care of like rural & tribal development. Some of them are poverty eradication, women empowerment, social awareness and increasing literacy. Our organization was evolved for a reason and hence will stick by its virtue.


She is a Bachelors in Food science and nutrition and has got one year of experience in educational industry. Mrunmai is solely responsible for educational activities held at TNY. She is curious to value add to the services provided by TNY in educational sector as she hails from a very strong educational background. She is good at sports and also organizing sports events which are one of the TNY services.